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Your Lucky Puppies

Your Pet’s Second Best Friend

Your Lucky Puppies 
F1B Cockapoo, F1B Peekapoo and
F1B Micro Bernedoodles

licensed breeder.

If you have never heard the term "Puppy Mill" or have not heard too much about them, we encourage you to please google Commercial Breeders A.K.A "Puppy Mills." We believe that this will truly shock you and break your heart if you love puppies as much as we do. In these Puppy Mills most Dams (females used for breeding) can no longer walk after being retired from a puppy mill. These Dams have typically not been let out of their very small unsanitary cage for 2-3 years. And once the Puppy Mill can no longer use these Dams they euthanize them or they die along with their puppies due to these horrific living conditions. This is typically where designer dog shops, pet stores, dog dealers, and craigslist listings buy their puppies.

Your Lucky Puppies is one of the rare places where you can purchase a puppy knowing that they did not come from a puppy mill.

I'm a  Licensed Dog breeder, AND CAN SHOW YOU ALL MY FEMALES AND MALES who live with my family and are our best friends and family members !  

We started breeding dogs

(We only have no more then 3 or 4 females breeding at a time and each have ONLY ONE litter a year!!!) 10 years ago and

20% of our profit we ALWAYS donate to The Anti-Cruelty Society !!!

WE believe in adopting or rescuing a dog or puppy whenever possible.  If you are unable to or won't, we are here to assist you in finding  your next forever family member.  Are you looking for a non-shedding, hypo-allergenic, happy , healthy, well socialized puppy? THEN LOOK NO FURTHER!!!

This is a private residence so please make sure to call or text to schedule an appointment!!!

Phone : 773.372.6410

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