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What you need to know about
Your Lucky Puppies
At Your Lucky Puppies
All of our puppies are born and raised in our home, where they get the best of the best of everything:).
Our goal at  Your Lucky Puppies is to breed only the healthiest, happiest, smartest puppies. All of our  breeding dogs are OFA health tested and all of our puppies are socialized from the  first day they are born.
To help you get the dog you want and most well matched, we use the Volhard devised simple test which is amazingly accurate in predicting inherited behavioral tendencies and how the puppy will turn out as an adult. We do this test at around 5 weeks of age as recommended. At 8 weeks we do a final evaluation of structure.
We strive to produce healthy, long-living companions that are 100% non-shedding.
Once the puppies' eyes and ears open we expose them to all sorts of sights and sounds that we see and hear every day to ensure your puppy is confident in any given situation.
We work diligently in providing each puppy we bring into this world with the fundamental basics for the best possible start.
Every breeding dog is a part of our family and unlike most, we don't give away our dogs once they have produced a certain number of litters for us. Our Guardian Home Program and small number of breeding dogs makes all of this possible! We simply placing our retired dogs with our close friends and family members.
Our  main goal is to produce healthy, non-shedding, even tempered dogs for companionship, service, and therapy.
We take extra steps to ensure our puppies go only to loving families and are well adjusted to a home environment.
We are dedicated to our puppies long after they have left our home.
We are also taking our health testing to the next level.
We perform Commonly performed tests include hip and elbow dysplasia testing, eye testing and heart testing. 
We do Gene tests on all our dogs for many breed-related problems prior to breeding , to ensure healthy litters.  Through DNA testing, we will be testing our dogs for coat and color, so we can better predict our upcoming puppies.
We will be testing for everything breed related, that we can possibly test for.

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